Real Estate

Though I have practiced in a variety of fields, real estate has always been a constant. From researching complex coal, oil and gas titles, to performing residential real estate closings, I have a wide range of experience that can benefit my community.

When I started Bloom, it only made sense to continue to provide excellent and affordable real estate law services to buyers and sellers, as well as realtors, agents, mortgage brokers, and lending institutions. 

At Bloom, I offer a full service residential and commercial real estate practice – including title searches, closings, and deed preparation – without the large firm price tag.

Real Estate Law Services

Title Search


Subject to increase if search is outside of Monongalia County

Settlement Fee



Power of Attorney Prep


Release Prep


Lease Agreements


Settlement & Closing: Commercial


Deed Preparation


*Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the preparation.

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